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CPM01 - Centre Pivot Manager

The Knuckey Centre Pivot Manager offers the same reliability and durability you have come to expect from all Knuckey Products and is packed with features to ensure your wheel ruts are restored to flat, compacted tracks ready for the next pass of your irrigation system.

The Knuckey Centre Pivot Manager has been born from the success of the also recently released Controlled Traffic Manager designed to restore wheel ruts in Controlled Traffic Farming programs. The CPM 1000 (Centre Pivot Manager) uses exactly the same technology to Fill, Compress, Flatten and Finish by further Compacting the track.

CPM01 Render

The CPM1000 uses two Blades with nylon deflecting boards with spring breakout systems to cut the hardpan of the side wall and direct that soil back into the rut. These blades can be altered to cater for different width and depth of tracks.

Following the front blades is a heavy steel roller that compresses the soil into the wheel track and creates a solid base. The roller can float and use its own weight to do the work or use hydraulic down pressure depending on the soil conditions.

After the compacting roller are two sets of 16 inch discs with rubber torsion systems working the top of the filled tack to flatten any mounded soil. They feather any extra soil across what has already been compressed so that the steel cage roller can create a compressed, flat finish.

Two depth wheels and the cage roller keep the machine parallel with the seedbed and stop the front from diving in if the tractor drops into heavy ruts.




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