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Controlled Traffic Manager

Are your tramlines and bog ruts costing you $$$ by causing:

  • critical uneven seed depth during seeding resulting in lost yield  
  • slowing your expensive spraying program down to uneconomical speeds
  • causing undue wear and tear on equipment 

The Knuckey Controlled Traffic Manager (CTM) allows farmers and contractors to efficiently return their tram lines to a consistent, compacted level surface for the next important pass of machinery.  Being used across the country in all types of conditions.  The Knuckey 4 part process of cutting and directing soil back into the tramline, compressing, further filling and flattening and then importantly compressing again leaves by far the best finish, with the least amount of passes and at greater speeds the any of our competitors.



  • X2 Heavy Duty blades on Heavy Duty Double Spring Tynes cuts the side wall of the rut and guide the returning soil to it.
  • A heavy steel hydraulically activated roller follows the blades to compress the soil to form a critical solid base
  • 2 sets of x3 16” discs then further flatten and fill the track and break down any remaining clods
  • The tapered cage roller then finishes and shapes the track adding further compaction to the upper layer to the already firm bottom layer.
  • The two depth wheels along with the cage roller ensure the machine stays parallel with the seed bed for a perfect finish.  These depth wheels eliminate the machine from following the tractor into heavy ruts and cutting the same shape in the already uneven tramline resulting in a consistent flatter finish.
  • A compact folding design of 3m makes for safe transport and minimal shed space in the offseason.

Transport Position

In the transport configuration the machine folds to a narrow 3m wide for safe transport from paddock to paddock.


CTM 3000 In The Field


Before 5


After 5


Before 6


After 6


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