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Sow & Press Wheels

Gain maximum precision in planting using the Knuckey RP Nuk Sow and Press Wheel assemblies. This proven assembly, perfected through 20 years of research and development incorporates integral adjustable sowing tyne and press wheel. This gives all important sowing depth flexibility for different applications, adjustable downward pressure of the press wheel allowing optimum germination in your individual conditions and applications and the ability to place fertiliser separately to the seed.

Each assembly includes heavy duty mount, fast and efficient height adjuster, heavy duty tyne holder and a range of sowing tubes including tungsten tipped, winged, paired row and blade options for your desired seed placement and sowing conditions.

If it is Press Wheels you desire across the back of your airseeder or combine, Knuckeys also manufacture a Tandem Press Wheel for this application.  These can be mounted to any type of machine.

Just new on the Knuckey product line is the RP15 Knuckey Parallelogram Sow and Press Wheel Assembly.  This in- line design features an independent sowing tube and press wheel that are not only independent from each other but also from your seeders ripping tyne.  This allows for perfect depth control and seed placement following the contour of your sowing bed in the toughest of conditions while minimizing wear to moving parts due to its independence to the chattering and breakout of your ripping tyne.

Key Features:

  • Versatility in mounting design allows for fitment throughout your machine with each assembly individually aligned to existing cultivation tyne.
  • Quality simple heavy duty design incorporates PRECISION MACHINED anti wear bushings, flex spring sowing tube, easily adjustable spring tension to main arm, adjustable sideways movement for stony conditions and turning.
  • Large diameter wheel with a range of TYRE profiles available keep the tyre cleaner in sticky conditions.
DimensionsSow and Press Standard single assembly with (18” ) Press Wheel, Sowing Tube and Depth control.
(Various wheels and tyre types and sizes e.g. flat, vee available)

Standard Single Arm with (18”) Press Wheel
(Various wheels and tyre types and sizes e.g. flat, vee available)

Standard Dual Rocker Arm with ×2 (18”) press Wheels
(Various wheels and tyre types and sizes e.g. flat, vee available)

Equi –Press Dual Assembly with ×2 (18”) press wheels.
Independant Constant pressure on each press wheel.
(Various wheels and tyre types and sizes e.g. flat, vee available)

For more information or to place an order call (03) 5267 2011 or enquire here.

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