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Flo Thru Draper Pick up Front

Designed and built in Australia to withstand our more rugged conditions, the “Flo-Thru” pickups will help you get more kilograms per acre where it counts – in the bin.

Manufactured in Winchelsea, Western Victoria since 1985, Knuckey Flo Thru Pick Ups have been fitted to all model Grain Harvesters as they have evolved.

Knuckeys introduced to the World a single piece belt in the year 2000 and this was followed in 2005 by the introduction of the largest diameter balanced auger, and in 2007 the top cover, and remain one of Australia’s largest capacity belt pick ups.

Knuckey SB143 NH

The single belt has attached offset fingers for easy lift of crops, the belt is carried by large diameter rollers all driven. The shafts in these rollers are are supported by triple sealed greaseable bearings.

The belt section pickup is adjustable to the table auger area allowing the maximum flow into the feeder house. An adjustable height windguard is fitted.

The “Quick-Tach” Front has four legs so will free stand, the Maxi-Turbo Auger, the largest on today’s market to allow your harvester to work at its capacity. It’s balanced, can be locked or floated, is multi positioned manually or via hydraulics with the drive reversible to assist if blockage occurs.

The retractable fingers are in line perfect for feeding windrows, and the top cover allows the operator full view of the windrow feeding into the feeder house, fewer stops by keeping the windscreen cleaner and also assisting with any seed throw.


Key Features

  • Special 3 Roller design, the swath is lifted gently from the row and fed directly under the table auger.
  • Full width belt design and tracking system eliminates seed loss and gives more positive drive.
  • Exclusive heavy duty offset nylon fingers ensure clean pickup in the harshest conditions.
  • The draper is driven by 3 rollers giving a positive non-slip drive.
  • Extra long windguards hold windrows on the apron against cross winds.
  • Heavy duty castor wheel assemblies, adjustable in height, give trouble-free negotiation.
  • The Flo-Thru pickup is driven hydraulically with the latest hi-tech motors available.
  • The Flo-Thru pickup front is available in widths from 2.4 metres to 9.0 metres.


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