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Flo Thru Dual PickUp Front

The Knuckey ‘Flo Thru’Dual Pickup uses much of the technology of the market leading Knuckey Flo Thru Windrow Pickup.  With the addition of the much larger false front 2 Knuckey Pickups are mounted to harvest the two windrows at once.   Huge benefits including 50% less travel in the header required, less fuel costs, harvester constantly working at capacity, less time required to harvest the same amount of crop and the ability to harvest windrowed crops on your Controlled Traffic Program  are just some of the reasons this product is the way of the windrow harvesting future.


Key Features

  • 2 x individual ground hugging 3 Roller pickups allowing the two windrows to be lifted gently from the ground onto the belt.
  • Full width belt design and tracking system eliminating seed loss.
  • Exclusive heavy duty offset nylon fingers with seed concaves ensuring clean pickup in the harshest conditions.
  • All rollers hydraulically driven giving a positive non-slip drive and eliminating roller stress found on single drive roller designs.
  • Two heavy duty hydraulic motors powered through the reel remotes
  • Full length Maxi Turbo (815mm in diameter) Table Auger to channel windrow towards feederhouse without allowing the product to climb over the top of auger
  • Hard wearing stainless steel flooring providing optimal flow along the floor and into the feederhouse
  • Optional Hydraulic Lift on the table auger for optimal feeding in all conditions.
  • Optional Top Cover with Perspex viewing window for increased seed catchment.
  • For and aft adjustment of both pickups in relation to the table auger allowing the maximum flow into the feeder house for all crop types.
Side Crop Feeding


Knuckeys Agricultural Engineering with the Dual Pickup Front and Coolamon Chaser Bins during the 2018/19 Harvest for Gus Cambell at Wilby, Victoria.

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