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Have you got cattle pugged ground significantly reducing your pasture growth due to the soil structure being destroyed in the compacted layer costing you money?  Do you need a machine to restore your surface perfectly for your pasture renovation program or cropping program?

The Infiltrator breaks down, levels and compacts cultivated or cattle pugged ground simply and efficiently.

  • It has five heavy duty angled bars for optimum break down of the pugged ground, filling, levelling and compacting.
  • With bars set on an angle, they continually engage with the uneven surface to break down clods, fill holes and compact the surface.
  • The drop down ripping tynes gives the Infiltrator extra cultivating ability for more tilth where needed.
  • Infinite hydraulic tilt adjustment on the drawbar makes it simple and effective to operate in differing conditions and soil types.
  • Compact fold for safe road transport and the ability to enter 12ft gates
INF01 Render




The Knuckey infilltrator is available in a range of configurations and can be purpose built to your specifications.

Base Trailing Models

  • 3m or 3.6m

Wing Options for folding models can be altered to your specifications

Standard Sizes

  • .6m wing
  • .9m wing
  • 1.2m wing

All folding models when in transport position are no wider than the base model


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