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MAW02 - Sowing System

  • Precise Seed Placement
  • Enormous Trashflow
  • 1000lb breakout for deep digging
  • Adjustable packing pressure
  • 6mm incremental seed depth adjustment
  • Designed and manufactured for longlife with zero to minimal maintenance required

Over 25 years of experience manufacturing sowing systems has culminated in the MAW02.   The primary tyne set forward of the main frame increasing the distance between it and the sowing tyne is a feature not found on any other system.  This allows for the soil flowing around the front tyne to have stopped moving.  Before the sowing tyne comes through to remove some tilth and place the seed at the exact depth you require.  This increased distance also allows the system to work in far heavier trash loads with the residue flowing freely as it eliminates problematic pinch points found on other systems where the primary tyne, seeding tyne and press wheel are much closer.   The increased distance also allows the primary tyne to breakout to its full travel completely independent of the sowing tyne.   This results in more consistent seed placement and dramatically less wear to the parallelogram pivot points when working in harsher country where the primary tyne may break out more frequently.  Seed placement is governed by the large 450mm diameter press wheel (less rotations than smaller options) and fitted with maintenance free hubs.  Hydraulic breakout, packing pressure and seed depth are all simply adjusted to your specific requirements.  Read below to learn more about the features of the MAW02.


MAW02 Render


Main Features

MAW Main features

Infinite Adjustments

Rev 2 MAW02 Adjustmnets

Superior Trash Flow

MAW trash flow


Contour Following and Breakout System

MAW ground countor following

Patent Pending Rubber Dampener System

The patent pending Rubber Dampening Systems is another critical feature for our tough Australian conditions.  This system allows the sowing tyne to breakout when it contacts objects such as rocks, limestone etc.

MAW rubber damp eff
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