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Rock Windrower

Are you wanting to clear ground of rock for improved cropping or pasture? Do you spend time and money repairing seeding and harvesting equipment from always untimely rock damage?

Or does your current rock rake:

  • Cause downtime replacing clutch plates, shear pins and pto shafts
  • Struggle to shift large rocks and heavy windrows due to its small diameter barrel
  • Cost time and money rebuilding, cutting and re welding non replaceable teeth
  • Have constant drive issues due to bearings, pins etc not big enough or to the quality required for the job
  • Frame crack due to its lightly built and engineered frame better suited to the smaller and rounder rock from where many imported rakes originate and not our larger and harsher rock here in Australia

If so, it’s time for one that excels in the harshest conditions. Our Rock Windrower is hydraulically driven with the largest diameter floating barrel. Combine this with replaceable hardened teeth, the largest 5 lipped bearing system on the market it makes the perfect machine to clear rocks from your land. It is suitable for levelling and cultivating as well as for its primary purpose of moving large and small rocks into windrows for efficient removal. Built for strength and durability it has many other features.

RW01 Render


Photo Gallery

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