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Knuckeys Agricultural Engineering

Custom Designed Solutions

Knuckey’s fabrication and design services are ready to help farmers increase yields while reducing operating expenses. When equipment is custom fabricated for agricultural purposes, it can be made to suit a farmers equipment and field, whilst also reducing the weight of  equipment. This means machinery with custom fabricated & designed parts or equipment can achieve greater productivity in the field.

We have the facilities to design and manufacture custom agricultural and farm equipment to suit your specific requirements.

Our skilled and experienced  team will ensure you get first class performance from your equipment day in day out.


Knuckey’s Engineering offer design fabrication, repair and manufacturing for all your agricultural needs, including:

  • Knuckey Flo Thru Draper Pick Ups (Canola, Peas, Rye Grass etc)
  • Laser Mowers
  • Trailing and Linkage Bale Feeders for both round and square
  • Sow and Press Wheels
  • Nuk Rock and Rower Rock Windrowers
  • Container Fillers
  • CarryAlls
  • Comb Trailers
  • Land Levellers
  • Many other  one off projects to suit the need of the customer


Knuckey Agricultural MAchinery Manufacturing and sales - field day awards

Knuckey's Agricultural Engineering Provide


Knuckey’s, Winchealsea provide innovative solutions and quality services to the agricultural sector. We are one of the leading and trustworthy engineering companies Australia-wide, boasting a team of highly qualified tradespeople. Our team is always expanding to include engineers, skilled welders, agricultural service technicians, fitters and boilermakers.

We offer custom engineering services to victorian farmers & Global OEM’s, including customised engineering and maintenance, fabrication, machining, laser cutting and many other services to the everyday farmer. 

Knuckey's Agricultural Engineering Provide


Our Winchelsea fabrication workshop is equipped with the latest engineering technology. We also have the ability for CNC automated machining, laser cutting, and MIG welding systems. This allows us to customise agricultural machinery to customers exacting standards. Knuckeys Agricultural Engineers have long been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing purpose built machines for many agricultural applications, most notably crop sowing, harvesting, hay cutting and livestock feeding.

We have the facilities to design and manufacture custom agricultural and farm equipment to suit your specific requirements.




Knuckeys manufacture and supply agricultural equipment and supply custom fabrication for a wide range of solutions for farming customers throughout Australia. 

As with all of our manufactured products our philosophy is to build our machines to perform simply and effectively for the application it is designed to do, with minimum wearing parts, engineered to required specifications using quality materials and innovative design with safety of operation a significant factor.

Based in Winchelsea, in the heart of Western Victoria, we have supplied farming customers throughout Australia, from the Western District of Victoria through to the far reaches of Queensland and Western Australia.


We have the facilities and experienced engineers to design and manufacture custom agricultural and farm equipment to suit your specific requirements.