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For over four generations, Knuckeys' family-run business has been the centre for farmers seeking not only the finest in harvesting equipment but a partner in their agricultural endeavours. Our carefully curated range of customisable agricultural machinery and equipment speaks to our commitment to quality and efficiency. 

From pioneering our very own agricultural solutions to a comprehensive selection of equipment from local and international manufacturers, we ensure that our customers are equipped with the best tools to nurture and harvest from their lands.

At Knuckey, we believe in solutions that endure through time and elements. We are proud to say our reputation is firmly built on the products we design and supply.

Dive into our collection and discover how Knuckey can help you achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity on your farm. 

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Our range of harvesting equipment is designed with efficiency in mind, offering equipment that combines low maintenance with high performance. Each piece is engineered to enhance your productivity, ensuring that you spend more time reaping the benefits of your labour and less on upkeep. Discover how our Pickup Fronts can transform your harvesting operations into a model of efficiency and reliability.


Experience the efficiency of our Pickup Front, designed for optimal performance with minimal upkeep. Its robust construction ensures longevity and reliability during the harvest season, making it a favourite among farmers looking for hassle-free operations. The Pickup Front is tailored to meet the demands of modern agriculture, providing a smooth and even flow of crop material into your combine, eliminating seed loss, and ensuring your combine is working to capacity, and your Pickup Front is not your limiting factor.


Our Dual Pickup Front stands out for its groundbreaking ability to maximise your efficiency by harvesting two windrows simultaneously. Engineered for durability and improving your harvester’s capacity, it offers seamless integration with your existing machinery, ensuring a smooth and efficient harvest. The Dual Pickup Front features a unique design that allows for quick adjustments, accommodating different crop types and tough conditions with ease. Its robust build minimises downtime and maximises field time. Invest in our innovative technology and support the future of windrow harvesting with Knuckeys.


Our Hay Mowers are the epitome of durability and low maintenance. Designed to withstand the demands of the Australian landscape, they offer unparalleled efficiency and reliability. The Hay Mowers feature a design that minimises wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance with less downtime. With easy access to serviceable parts and a built-to-last construction, they are the ideal choice for farmers who value dependability and efficiency in their grass-cutting field preparation equipment.


Optimise your harvesting with our Pea Pickup Front, engineered for increased capacity, gentle handling and easy maintenance. Its innovative design reduces downtime, increases productivity and reduces seed loss, making it an essential tool for specialised operations. The Pea Pickup Front is built to handle the harsh environment, all while being delicate with the produce, ensuring that the crop is picked cleanly and efficiently without damage. Its ease of maintenance and robust construction means that you can have the fastest, cleanest and most efficient harvest ever.


Powered by Knuckey’s innovative engineering, our Multi-Row  Pickup Fronts deliver unmatched efficiency on the field. This 3-roller pickup uses a ground-hugging design that ensures the most productive collection process.  These machines are manufactured in various widths from 2m to 10m giving you the option to split the front into sections that allow for the harvesting of single, double or triple deck mower cuts or multiple windrows simultaneously for unmatched efficiency. The aggressive single belt design with offset fingers is ideal for optimised pickup and zero seed loss.


Knuckeys’ range of support equipment is manufactured to complement your harvesting solutions, ensuring that every aspect of your agricultural operation runs smoothly and efficiently. From transporting your equipment safely to optimising storage and handling processes, our support equipment is designed to be reliable, durable, and require minimal maintenance. Explore how our Comb Trailers and Container Fillers can enhance your farming operations.


Tailored to transport your harvesting equipment safely, our comb trailers combine durability with simplicity, ensuring they’re ready when you are. With features that facilitate easy loading and unloading, along with a construction that withstands the rigours of farm and contract life, our Comb Trailers represent the perfect balance between functionality and low maintenance, keeping your operations moving without delay.


Streamline your storage and logistics processes with our Container Filler. Built to last with minimal maintenance, it’s the perfect solution for efficient, hassle-free grain handling. The Container Filler is designed with precision and adaptability in mind, allowing for quick adjustments to accommodate different grain types and sizes, ensuring a seamless operation from field to storage. Its robust design reduces the need for frequent repairs, making it an absolute must-have for your grain-handling business.

To learn more about our range, get in touch with us by giving us a call today.


To optimise your harvesting process, you’ll need the following machines to ensure efficiency and minimal maintenance.
  • Pickup Front
  • Dual Pickup Front
  • Multi-Row Pickup Front
  • Comb Trailers
  • Container Filler
  • Hay Mowers
  • Pea Pickup Front

Purchasing second-hand farming equipment from Knuckeys is best for those on a budget. It’s cost-effective, allows you to avoid the steep depreciation that comes with new machinery, and offers the quality and reliability Knuckeys is known for. Our pre-owned equipment is thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets our high standards, providing an immediate, ready-to-use solution that’s also environmentally friendlier than buying new.

For a wide selection of high-quality, low-maintenance harvesting machinery that offers exceptional value, explore the Knuckeys website today. Knuckeys specialises in providing agricultural equipment that meets the diverse needs of farmers throughout Australia. Whether you’re in the market for new or second-hand machinery, Knuckeys offers farming equipment that never compromises performance or reliability. Get in touch with us today to learn more.