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Pea Pickup Front

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The Knuckey Flo Thru Pea and Vetch Pickup Front is designed for optimal direct harvesting of peas, vetch and other seeds without the need for prior cutting. Featuring sizes of up to 32 feet these machines can also pick up multiple windrows for further flexibility. Our pea fronts incorporate advanced technology from the highly acclaimed Knuckey Flo Thru Single Deck Pickup, enhancing its efficiency and utilising the proven technology for a trouble-free harvest.

Knuckey Flo Thru Draper Pea Pick Up Front

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes the Knuckey Pea Pickup Stand Out From Other Options?

The Knuckey Pea Pickup Front distinguishes itself through its innovative design and robust features. Our pea pickup front incorporates many advanced technologies.  The single belt system, large diameter table auger with hydraulic lift and lower functionality, perforated flooring, 360-degree wind guard, coulter systems and the range of widths available set it apart from competitors in both versatility and performance. We also offer used equipment for those looking for second-hand farm equipment.  

Can the Pickup Front Handle Different Crop Types Apart From Peas?

Yes, the Knuckey Pea Pickup Front is versatile to handle a variety of crops. While it is optimised for peas and vetch, the design encompasses all of the same features as our smaller windrow pickups.  This makes it perfect for picking up single, or multiple windrows of any crop type.  Features like the large Maxi-Turbo Auger adjustable pickup settings and Top Cover allow it to adapt to different crop types efficiently, ensuring high productivity across various harvesting scenarios.

How Do I Purchase This Listing?

To purchase the Knuckey Pea Pickup Front, you can contact us directly through our sales department via phone or email. You can also visit our website for more detailed information on our collections. Our team is ready to assist you with product details, pricing, and any specific requirements you might have to ensure you select the best equipment for your needs.

For more information or to place an order call (03) 5267 2011 or enquire below.

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