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Accu-Sow Compact 6m-9m

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The Knuckey designed and manufactured Southern Seeder Accu-Sow Compact Tool Bar has been developed due to fierce market demand for a narrow fold machine that provides superior trashflow, optimal ground contour following, high lift for ease of maintenance and a build strength to withstand the harsh Australian conditions with an increased focus on earlier sowing of winter crops.

The Accu-Sow Compact bar is currently available in widths of up to 9m with a narrow transport width of 3.4m.

Row widths can be customised from 150mm to 360mm depending on the sowing system you choose.

No exceptions have been made with the manufacturing of the Accu-Sow.  With the cracking and failure of frames all to common with imported seeders not built to handle our tough Australian conditions this proudly Australian made machine is built to last.


The Bridge Frame, fitted with large flotation tyres can be hydraulically lifted to a height of 1300mm which makes moving around under the bar easy.  When seeding, under frame clearance is a high 650-800mm further increasing the machines trashflow ability.

The Accu-Sow Compact has a floating hitch drawbar for increased contour following.

Wheel centres can be set at 2m for the Accu-Sow Compact and the tynes are set over 5 or 6 ranks depending on the spacing and seeding system chosen.


Transport Configuration

Southern Seeder Accu-Sow Compact 6m-9m

In the transport configuration the bar folds up to a narrow 3.4m.

Importantly to increase on road stability we have developed a “Patent Pending” design where the front two castor wheels hydraulically castor out to 3.45m on a 2m wheel centre machine.

This allows for a greater centre of gravity and reduces the chances of the bar tipping and eliminating castor wobble allowing higher travelling speeds.

Accu-sow compact transport configuration


Working Height

The bar raises to a high 1.3m for ease of maintenance and a safer working environment and can be lowered to a working height of 650mm.

Knuckey accu-sow compact working height 1

1.3m Ground to bottom of bar clearance when fully raised

650mm Ground to bottom of bar when fully lowered

Tyne Spacing & Trash Flow

The bar has been designed for optimal trash flow in mind. All wheels are located outside of the frame while the tynes are fitted across at least 5 ranks to ensure the flow of heav residue doesn’t build up throughout the bar

Turning Capacity

With the slim drawbar design and castor wheel configuration the bar can perform sharp turns on the headland ready for the next run.

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Southern Seeder Accu-Sow Compact
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