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Achieve unparalleled seed to soil contact  with  Knuckey Tandem Press Wheel Assemblies.

Manufactured  for use on Air Seeders, Combines and Power Harrows  the Knuckey Tandem Assemblies can be mounted to the rear of any machine  to provide optimal seed to to soil contact for increased crop germination.

Various Assemblies Available

Sow and Press Standard single assembly with (18” ) Press Wheel, Sowing Tube and Depth control.
(Various wheels and tyre types and sizes e.g. flat, vee available)

Standard Single Arm with (18”) Press Wheel
(Various wheels and tyre types and sizes e.g. flat, vee available)

Standard Dual Rocker Arm with ×2 (18”) press Wheels
(Various wheels and tyre types and sizes e.g. flat, vee available)

Equi –Press Dual Assembly with ×2 (18”) press wheels.
Independant Constant pressure on each press wheel.
(Various wheels and tyre types and sizes e.g. flat, vee available)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Makes Knuckey Press Wheels Stand Out?

Designed for Air Seeders, Combines, and Power Harrows, the Knuckey Tandem Assemblies enhance seed germination through optimal seed-to-soil contact. Directly attached to the machine’s rear, their extended walking beam ensures flawless ground tracking. Key features include:


  • Universal Compatibility: Fits any seeder brand.
  • Mount & Pivot Block System: Facilitates turning during seeding for seamless operation.
  • Adjustable Axles: Horizontally adjustable for flexible row spacing.
  • Large Press Wheels: Available in 18-inch or 15-inch sizes for improved durability and efficient mud shedding.
  • Custom Press Wheel Options: Offers various profiles and densities to suit different soil conditions.
  • Maintenance-Free Hubs: Designed for longevity, eliminating the need for regular upkeep.
  • Adjustable Down Pressure: Fine-tunes seed contact with soil to enhance germination rates.
  • Durable Pivot Points: Equipped with large pins and anti-wear bushings for added strength and durability. 


Are There Options Available for Different Air Seeder, Combines and Power Harrow Sizes?

We have press wheels available in 15 inch or 18 inch sizes. We also offer variable wheel profiles and densities based on your requirements. Speak to one of our specialists to learn more about what size would work best for your machine. 

Where Can I Find Knuckeys Press Wheels for Sale, Particularly in Victoria?

You can find Press Wheels for seeders and more with Knuckeys. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how you can order custom-made parts.

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