Knuckeys Winchealsea equipment manufacturing and product supplier for all makes and models
Knuckeys Winchealsea - agricultural machinery manufacturing of tillage and seeding equipment


Employment opportunities exist at knuckey's, Winchelsea

At both Knuckey Agriculture and Knuckey Engineering we believe our people are our greatest strength.  We take pride in adding to our team employing people with great talent as engineers, fabricators, fitters, CNC operators, mechanics, assembly technicians, parts interpreters, admin staff and sales people.

To work at Knuckey you must have the ability to work both in a team and independently.  You must be a self-starter, reliable and punctual.  You must take great pride in your work and have an appetite for ongoing learning and personal development.

If you tick these boxes and would like to begin an exciting career within our team please contact us immediately.  We look forward to hearing from you.