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Dual Pickup Front

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Designed to conquer the harshest conditions with ease, our customised heavy-duty Dual Deck Front Pickups masterfully ensure a quick harvest. If you’ve had a hard time maintaining productivity during harvest with a single deck front pickup, try out our  Dual Pick-up fronts today to double down on saving time.

The Knuckey Dual Deck Pickup Front is an innovative agricultural implement designed and made right here in Australia to significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of the harvesting process on farms. This piece of equipment is engineered to address various concerns in modern farming: reducing fuel costs, reducing major capital outlay, increasing capacity, saving valuable hours during the harvest season and reducing the risk of weather damage. By allowing for the simultaneous harvesting of two windrows, it effectively doubles the productivity of the harvesting operation, making it an invaluable asset for farmers looking to optimise their yield and significantly reduce operational costs.

Key Features and Benefits

Dual Windrow Harvesting  

The most distinguishing feature of the Knuckey Dual Deck Pickup Front is its ability to harvest two windrows at once. This not only speeds up the harvesting process but also reduces the amount of time and fuel required to cover the same area of land compared to traditional single windrow systems.

Range of Widths  

Understanding that farms and fields vary greatly in size and layout, Knuckey offers the Dual Deck Pickup Front in a range of widths. This customisation ensures that farmers can choose a model that best fits their specific requirements, optimising efficiency and compatibility with their existing machinery.

Flexibility and Suitability  

The flexibility to select the ideal width and configuration for specific needs means that the Knuckey Dual Deck Pickup Front can be adapted to suit various types of crops and field conditions. Whether dealing with small grains or larger stalks, there’s a configuration that meets the need.

Controlled Traffic Farming  

The design of the Dual Deck Pickup Front is conducive to controlled traffic farming practices. By minimising the number of passes required over the field, it helps reduce soil compaction, preserving soil structure and health, which is vital for sustainable farming practices.

Cost-Effective Operation  

By doubling the efficiency of the harvest process, the Dual Deck Pickup Front can significantly reduce fuel costs. Less time spent in the field also means lower labour costs and the opportunity to redirect resources to other critical farm operations.

Durability and Reliability  

Knuckey is known for manufacturing durable and reliable agricultural equipment. The Dual Deck Pickup Front is built to withstand the harvest season, ensuring longevity and reliability, which are crucial for farm operations.

Ease of Use and Maintenance  

Despite its advanced functionality, the Dual Deck Pickup Front is designed for ease of use and straightforward maintenance. This minimises downtime and ensures that the equipment is ready to go when needed.

Available in a versatile range of widths from  8 metres to 12.0 metres, the  Dual  Pickup Front is tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern agriculture. Powered by the latest in hydraulic technology it offers a seamless operation that puts efficiency first.  

Simply put, our customised machinery helps give you the best results. 

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about customising your canola pickup front. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Adjust the Pickups for Different Crop Types?

Yes, you can adjust the pickups on the Knuckeys ‘Flo Thru’ Dual Pickup Fronts for different crop types. This flexibility is crucial for ensuring optimal performance across a variety of crops, from grains to oilseeds. Adjustments can be made to settings such as the height of the pickup, the speed of the belts, and the fore and aft positioning of the deck to accommodate the specific needs of each crop, ensuring proper handling and efficient harvesting.

What Optional Features Are Available for the Knuckeys Dual Pickup Fronts

Knuckeys offers several optional features for their Dual Pickup Fronts to enhance functionality and adaptability. These options might include advanced cutting systems for different crop types, additional wind guard extensions for improved performance in windy conditions, and customisable auger options to better match crop conditions. Other enhancements could include lighting packages for night harvesting and sensor packages for automatic adjustment to crop density. These optional features allow for a more tailored harvesting experience, maximising efficiency and crop recovery.

Is the Dual Pickup Front Compatible With John Deere Harvesters?

Knuckeys Dual Pickup Front is designed to be compatible with all harvester makes and models, including John Deere. This ensures that the pickup front can be seamlessly integrated with John Deere harvesters, providing a high level of efficiency and reliability. For specific models and compatibility details, it’s always best to consult with Knuckeys or a dealer directly so that the dual pickup front will match the specifications and mounting requirements of your John Deere harvester.


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