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The Knuckey Hay Mowers, expertly manufactured and belt-driven, are engineered for precision in cutting hay, silage, and for the topping and higher cutting of pastures. 

Knuckeys hay cutters are built for durability and efficiency. They feature high-speed rotors and top-quality rotor bearings, which are driven by a straightforward belt drive system. Our design ensures an accurate and clean cut but also minimises maintenance needs compared to geared mowers, allowing for extended operation without the hassle.

With an adjustable cutting height and a specially engineered rotor shape, the Knuckey Hay Mower excels in creating optimal conditions for the “thatching” of windrows. This process significantly enhances the curing speed of the cut material, making it a standout feature for efficient haymaking. 

Our hay mower’s robust construction ensures it operates flawlessly in tough conditions without the common issues of gears, casting, or oil leaks. 

Available in both linkage and trailing options, the Knuckey Hay Mowers cater to a wide range of tractors from 35hp to 140hp, making them a versatile choice for various farming needs. These mowers are designed for easy attachment and operation, ensuring they can be swiftly integrated into any farming routine with minimal effort.

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Laser Model 160
1.6 (5’3” cut) 35-45 Hp

Laser Model 207
2.07 (6’9” cut) 45-65Hp

Laser Model 207EH
2.07 (6’9” cut) 50-85Hp
(Extended headstock, fit wider tyres)

Laser Model 240
2.4 (7’10” cut) 80-100Hp

Laser Model 210
2.07 (6’9” cut) 65-80Hp
(Mower conditioner)


Laser Model 310
3.1 cut

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Knuckey Laser Mowers Stand Out for Hay Mowing?

Knuckey Hay Mowers are distinguished in the hay mowing market by our innovative design features aimed at maximising productivity and minimising downtime. Their unique rotor shape and efficient drive systems deliver precise cuts and quick curing of hay, essential for optimal fodder quality.

Our mowers are also designed for low maintenance with features like the simple belt tensioning system and triple bearing design, enhancing their operational lifespan. The practicality of adjustable cutting heights and minimal transport width also adds to their appeal, allowing for easy customisation and transport across various field conditions. Check out our range of harvesting equipment now!

Are There Options Available for Different Tractor Sizes?

Yes, Knuckey Laser Mowers are designed to accommodate a broad range of tractor sizes, making them versatile for different farming needs. Available in both linkage and trailing models, these mowers are compatible with tractors ranging from 35hp to 140hp. This wide range ensures that regardless of the tractor power available on a farm, there is likely a Knuckey mower that can match and perform effectively.

Where Can I Find Knuckey Hay Mowers for Sale, Particularly in Victoria?

Knuckey hay mowers are available for sale through various agricultural equipment dealerships throughout Victoria. Interested buyers can visit Knuckey’s official website to access a list of authorised dealers and service centres. Additionally, local farm equipment shows and agricultural expos often feature Knuckey products, providing an opportunity to see the machinery firsthand. 

For direct inquiries and more personalised assistance, contact Knuckey’s customer service by giving us a call or sending us an email. We’ll be happy to help you through your process and give you more details on how to customise your orders.

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